Sebastián Jiménez Galindo


Artist's Statement

LA ORDEN DE LOS PRESAGIOS (THE ORDER OF THE SIGNS) must be considered in relation to a full-length film from which it stems, called LAS BRUJAS. Although it is and was from the start, without a doubt, a collage film, I see it bears more relation to Miguel de Unamuno’s concept of nivola as portrayed and discussed in his work Niebla. Here, content is privileged over form, literary bodies are incarnations of ideas, and the process is prioritized over any preconception of a final result. Other writers drawing from the concept of nivola would approach their work as the character of Víctor Goti: “I will write as one lives, without knowing what will come next. I intend to include everything that springs to mind, however it might be. I invent the genre. I provide it with the laws that I please.” In this way, the thrust that drives you forward into making films (poems, novels, dreams, whatever) sets in motion its own order and decides how the work will be etched. With the freedom of materials into forms and unconquerable ideas into unrepeatable processes, the specter of literature continues to evolve in writing-based forms that resist categorization. The story is to redream it.

In March 2018, LA ORDEN DE LOS PRESAGIOS (THE ORDER OF THE SIGNS) was screened in Ecuador as part of the Muestra Internacional de Cine Experimental with the support of Dublin’s Experimental Film Society. I am beyond thankful for all the people who made this possible.

Sebastián Jiménez Galindowas born in Mexico City, where he is currently pursuing a BFA in Literature and Literary Creation. He studied theater and creative writing at Columbia College in Chicago, where he wrote and independently produced the performance Between now and forever in 2014. He is the author of the performance piece Subsuelo, published in Microteatro and produced in the city of Aguascalientes in 2015. From 2017 to 2018 he directed a film series in two parts: LAS BRUJAS and LA ORDEN DE LOS PRESAGIOS (THE ORDER OF THE SIGNS). Both will be included in the anthology of 2015-2018 film works titled YOU’RE ON THE BALCONY TALKING ABOUT YOUR DREAMS, which will be screened in the Straight-Jacket Guerilla Film Festival. His writing has been published in different sites online and in print in Mexico, the United States and Spain.