Editorial Board
Naomi Washer, Editor-in-Chief Naomi Washer’s essays, poems, micro-fictions, and translations appear in Essay Daily, Poor Claudia, wigleaf, and St. Petersburg Review, among other journals. Her book manuscript, The New Epistolary Woman, was a finalist for the 2015 Subito Press Prose Prize. She holds an MFA in Nonfiction from Columbia College Chicago and is the manager of writing programs at California College of the Arts. Find out more here.
Patrick Thornton, Managing Editor Patrick Thornton is a 2015 graduate of Columbia College Chicago's Creative Nonfiction MFA Program. After finishing graduate school he was a resident artist at the Vermont Studio Center. His work has appeared in The Collapsar, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and Redivider, among others. He splits his time between Northwest Indiana and Chicago.
James Eidson, Associate Editor James Eidson's work has appeared in Sixth Finch, H_NGM_N, Columbia Poetry Review, Forklift Ohio, Ampersand Review, and Whiskey Island, among other journals. He also writes book reviews for MAKE: A Chicago Literary Magazine. He lives in Chicago.
Adriana Gonzalez, Associate Editor/Features Editor Adriana Gonzalez's essays and prose poems can be found in Hippocampus, Dead Flowers: A Rag, Cactus Heart Press, and Inlandia, among other journals. She currently lives and writes in Seattle, WA.
Melissa Haklitch, Associate Editor/Social Media Manager Melissa Haklitch is a poet living in Seattle whose work has appeared in Funeral Parade and Troop Magazine among other places. She holds an MFA from California State University, San Bernardino. She isn’t afraid to stalk you on social media, and after a glass or two of cab sauv, may even like your photo from 125 weeks ago.
Creative Team
Tyler Kensek, Guest Artist Tyler Kensek studies Photography and Visual Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Matt Davis, Web Developer/Printer Matt Davis is a this-and-that. He runs a small Risograph print studio called Perfectly Acceptable.
Zachary Zalman Green, Co-Founding Editor